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This fruit cake need at least 1 week pre order advance notice. 

Comes in 1kg 8" Round

Bigger sizes are available but more time will be need in advance


For Information Purpose Only

Nutrition Facts   

Serving Size: 16g    Servings : 16 Amount per serving     Calories 661

% Daily Value   *Total Fat: 55.5g    71%  Saturated Fat 10.8g   54%

Cholesterol   5mg     2%     Sodium 1.39mg   6%

Total Carbohydrate 17.3g    6%   Dietary Fiber   5.1g  18%

Total Sugars 11.6g    Protein 16.7g  Vitamin D 0mog 0%  Calcium 58mg 4% 

Iron  1mg   3%      Potassium   123mg   3%



Require pre order of at least 1 week notice.

Normal standard size is 1kg  (8" round with about 1.5" high)

Bigger Sizes are available upon request.  


Require Pre order 1 week advance notice. 



Require 1 week advance notice 

Hand packed in 25 sachets each