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Tiramisu is the hallmark cake of Suchan since 1994. Every component that is used is natural. Absent any preservative. Our brand is known for its simple and notalgic home-style products. Each cake and cookie is carefully crafted to taste extraordinary and evoke homemade charm. Our Company Vision is to bring the comfort of home-style baking to the world. Our Company Mission is we create delicious cakes and cookies using natural ingredients promoting healthy eating and bringing joy with our personal touch. We prioritize eco-friendly practices, ethical sourcing and support for our local producers to contribute to a sustainable future. Suchan has embraced the trend of healthy eating with our range of Keto cakes, cookies, breads and ice cream. Crafted with the finest ingredients, our Keto creations prove that you can enjoy delicious flavours while living a healthier life. Keto entails cutting off sugar and wheat. In addition to our regular bakery menu, we honor Malaysia's baking heritage by using fresh Musang King Durians in our desserts. These indulgent creations highlight the exquisite flavor of the renowned Malaysia King of Fruits, in every bite. 自1994年以来,意大利提拉米苏蛋糕是酥珍的标志性蛋糕。酥珍的意大利提拉米苏蛋糕所使用的每一样成分都是属于天然的,不含任何的防腐剂。 我们的酥珍品牌以简单而怀旧的家庭式烘焙风格生产而闻名。每块蛋糕和饼干都经过精心制作,味道非凡,而它的魅力就是充满了家庭式烘焙的风格。 我们公司的愿景是要将家庭式烘焙的风格带给全世界。 我们公司的使命是使用天然原料制作出美味的蛋糕和饼干,我们使用家庭式烘焙的风格以促进健康饮食的习惯而带来欢乐。整个过程,我们都会优先考虑环保、道德采购以及使用和支持本地生产商的天然原料,以可持续的未来做出贡献。 酥珍随着健康饮食的趋势而生产了我们的生酮蛋糕、生酮饼干、生酮面包和生酮冰淇淋的健康系列。我们的生酮 产品是采用最优质的原料而精心制作的,生酮代表着不含糖和小麦,而这能让大家可以在享用到美味的甜品,同时也照顾到健康的生活。 除了我们常规的烘焙食谱外,我们还在糕点中使用新鲜的猫山王榴莲,以纪念马来西亚的烘焙传统。 这些令人陶醉的创意, 每一口都彰显着著名的马来西亚水果之王的精致风味 Email us at or call us at +603 79819328 or whatsapp at +6012 9169361
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